33: 33. Decision Fatigue

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Life is a matter of choices for you and me. In fact most everything we do or not do starts out from a decision we make. John C. Maxwell said, “Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you.” Are we aware of the decisions we are making or not making? Are you experiencing decision fatigue? Each one of us has decisions to be made right now. When we have to make lots and lots of decisions we can get stuck in decision fatigue. When this happens to me, I often begin to feel overwhelmed and can spiral into a negative bias cycle where my brain just looks for what is not going well and keeps me stuck.

Decisions are the ultimate power we have in our lives. Brooke Castillo, master certified coach of the Life Coach School said this, “decisions are where we can find the power to create the lives we want to create and evolve into the highest version of ourselves.”

So HOW do we continue to make decisions? As human beings we all have decisions to make on a regular basis. This is what sets us apart as humans from other mammals. Most of us stop making decisions when we get older. We fall into the patterns of living out the decisions we have made in the past. Today I will share three ideas that will allow you to step forward out of decision fatigue.

First, Set Priorities, Second, Remember Self Care and Third practice a Routine. More thoughts on these three simple ideas will be shared on todays episode.

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33: 33. Decision Fatigue

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