It’s time to ditch willpower

Discover the power within (word power) and create the life you secretly desire.

Relying on willpower is exhausting...

You Wish

you could go back and redo life taking what you now know. You live in the past with regret and depression and wish to live in the future but the uncertainty of it causes anxiety. You wish you had control of everything.

You Worry

about–the future of your kids, husband and others you love. You are concerned with the state of the world and the unrest of life. You try to put on a happy smile but inside the worry and anxiety are mounting and you feel stuck. You worry that your willpower will run out and are unsure what you will do if you are unable to push through as you always have.

You are Tired

of feeling less than and not feeling content with yourself or your life. You are trying to stay positive but feel like the world is getting smaller and more closed off as you continue to get older. You are tired of dreaming as it is painful to not know how to step forward. 

You are Stuck

in perfectionism, procrastination and self pity. You secretly desire more out of your life but feel ungrateful admitting those dreams out loud. You are afraid you’ve missed your time of becoming and feel jealous of others as you watch from the sidelines. Your focus has turned to the negative of life and you spends most of your time there, in an “if only” mentality—wishing and waiting for more.

Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.

- Maya Angelou

You can create the life you secretly desire

Take back control

Let go of regret and uncertainty by living in the present and take back control of your life

Find Hope

Gain confidence in your future.  Step forward into genuine joy.

Break through

Stop wishing and waiting.  Build the life you are afraid you’ve missed.

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You can implement the power of positive words into your life and change your story!  I know that words have power and I can’t wait to share my message with you.

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I help women who want to awaken their story and manage their thoughts by offering positive and proactive solutions so they can eliminate procrastination, perfectionism, and self-pity and begin to step forward and become the version of themselves that they have always desired to be.

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