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Becky Kemp is a speaker, coach, and author who is passionate about helping others create their most beautiful life one word at a time.

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At Becoming Threads, 'Dream Bigger' event, Becky brought her passion and enthusiasm for sharing stories, mixed with practical applications and steps. That elevated it from a 'rah-rah you can do it' event into a real engine for change. I came away inspired and empowered to make real changes to reach my goals.
Tomi Hill
I chose Becky to participate in our Standout Fempreneur Retreat; More Self Worth, More Sales Worth. She is a true professional and a dynamic speaker. She taught some concepts that were new to me, though I've been in the personal development industry for years. I appreciate the organization of her materials and her natural, conversational delivery. There was FULL interaction from our attendees and her concept of "putting on words" has permanently changed the way I look at getting dressed! I recommend her whole-heartedly as a contributor to your next event!
Jenn Gibbs
Event Organizer
In The Word Effect, Becky Kemp illuminates the power of words as the marching orders we give our mind. You get powerful mental tools solidly grounded in proven psychological principles with an authentic personal perspective and immediately practical applications.
Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D.
Positivity Psychologist, Author, Speaker
In a noisy world where we are bombarded with messages of self-improvement and how to's, the simplicity and truth of Becky's words cut through the chaos and offer tangible and sustainable hope. This book makes it easy to feel like we can actually create the change we have been craving! Without drowning in overwhelm! Her message helps you see the simple power in the seemingly mundane normal life stuff and leaves you feeling empowered to make meaningful life shifts while simultaneously better appreciating the beautiful life you already have.
Julie Taylor

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Having Becky as a coach has been an awesome experience! Becky is friendly and personable, and she is eager to help others discover their own path. Her method of coaching is thorough and effective. I wanted to move past the blocks that were keeping me from progressing in my business, and Becky helped me to identify and remove those blocks. She has given me a foundation of confidence that I can build upon as I move forward. I highly recommend working with Becky!
Kathryn Barney
Coaching with Becky has opened my mind up to how directly my thoughts affect my feelings my actions. Understanding that I have control over which thoughts I choose to feed and "put on" each day has made me feel more in control of my life and feel empowered. Coaching with her directly inspired me to start a 6-week BUILD A BETTER YOU challenge on Strong Moms (a Facebook group/community for mothers) in which we are setting daily achievable goals and helping each other stay accountable. Becky is wonderful and will help you move forward in your goals and your progress of BECOMING who you want to be!
Monta Cooper
Strong Moms

The One Word Way:

Words matter and have the potential to transform us, either for good or bad: One word at a time

Get your free copy of the One Word Way:

Hi! I'm Becky

As a faith based life coach—I help ambitious and God Centered women who feel stuck step forward with the divine power found in words.  I am on a mission to help YOU use the healing  power found in words!

It is time to become who you are meant to become—and the way to do it is with the power of words—the words will serve as your compass to give you the direction you have been looking for.

What words do you choose to put on today?

The Podcast

92: 92. The Good News

Happy 2023! How do you want to feel in 2023? As we kick off the new year, I invite you to remember you have to power to choose. This is the Good News! The simple approach to creating your most beautiful life. Join me to discover how to put words...

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91: 91. ‘Tis the Season to be Patient

If this is the Most Wonderful Time of Year…then why are there so many of us who feel stressed, overwhelmed and frazzled? It has to do with our thoughts! What thoughts are you choosing to put on? In this episode, you will be reminded on how to align your desires...

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90: 90. The Magic of Gratitude

Do you believe in magic? This episode will let you consider the idea that there is magic in putting on gratitude daily! Life is always changing. So the magic is putting on gratitude daily for what is…and you that the power to choose this each. You can choose what you...

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