The Word Effect

7 simple words to create your most beautiful life

By Becky Jane Kemp

In 2005, Becky Kemp was faced with a pivotal moment: another son was on the way.


This was not the path she had envisioned for herself. Yet, she learned a crucial lesson – life doesn’t follow our scripts.


Becky found herself spiraling into the depths of self-inflicted suffering each time her life veered from her meticulously drawn blueprint. It was at this lowest point that she learned a life-changing truth – the power of words can dramatically change your life. This was the dawn of an extraordinary journey.


“The Word Effect” encapsulates Becky Kemp’s profound discovery, articulated through seven simple, yet powerful words. These words are tools for everyone, providing a roadmap to keep moving forward, towards becoming the person they wish to be, even when life presents unexpected detours. These words serve as a compass, providing direction through any decision, relationship, or life experience. They empower you to keep progressing, preventing stagnation, and enabling you to live your most beautiful life.


“The Word Effect” is not just a book; it is a testament to the transformative power of words. It echoes Becky Kemp’s belief that everyone possesses the ability to rewrite their narratives, to change their words, and in doing so, create their most beautiful life. This change is simpler than you might think. Dive into this book, and embark on your own journey of transformation, guided by the potent power of words.

What they're saying...

Illuminating the obvious. Consider that for a moment.


Many of the processes going on in our mind are in this space – obvious once brought to our attention, but completely unnoticed up until that point.


Like the feeling of your clothes… Can you feel them?

Well, NOW you can feel your clothes since I brought them to your attention – but that tactile sensation was completely unnoticed to you until I mentioned it.


Or the fact that you are now reading this foreword in English. Did you notice? It’s obvious now that I call it to your attention, but you were oblivious to it right up until the time I so skillfully pointed it out.


I met Becky Kemp at a meeting for the National Speaker’s Association where she had the privilege of the platform. Her poise and confidence caught my attention as she began to illuminate the obvious to her professional speaking colleagues.


I hadn’t heard Becky speak before, and up until that time I didn’t even know she was a member of our chapter. There are many aspiring speakers that come to our meetings, but this one had done her homework. Some speakers tout trite, fluffy platitudes that we too-often hear from the stage. Becky was bringing it with power, referencing time-proven principles of positive psychology I spent over three decades to acquire as a professional psychologist.


She captured my attention with the breadth of her reading and experience, including quotations from some of the masters who had been on my podcast mic like Kevin Hall, Craig Manning, and Chad Hymas.

What Becky illuminates through her work is the power of words. I’ve learned through my professional experience that words are marching orders for the mind. As if our mind is patiently, dutifully waiting for words so it will know which direction to go.


When we say, “I don’t think I can do this,” our mind gives a crisp salute and responds with “Aye aye Captain!”

When we ask, “How can I do this?” our mind scrambles to action with “I’m on it Captain!”


A lot of folks don’t realize our brain has two main jobs: To keep us safe, and to prove us right. This is important because these two objectives help keep us alive and in the game.


Unfortunately, both of these brain tasks also get us into trouble. We have to use caution in operating the equipment!


Pay attention as Becky illuminates the obvious through The Word Effect. Not only will you get powerful mental tools solidly grounded in proven psychological principles, but she also shares a very authentic personal perspective with practical applications.


Becky has synthesized in The Word Effect what every personal development guru has been trying to teach us… That to experience a more full and abundant life you don’t have to change a THING – you simply need to change a THINK. We do that through carefully selecting our words.


Paul H. Jenkins, Ph.D.
Positivity Psychologist, Author, Speaker

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