Become the best version of yourself

without exhausting your willpower

Have you stopped dreaming about
what you could become?

I see you.

You can’t shake the just-below-the-surface feeling of discontent in your life.

You bury your desires under everyone else’s. 


Want to start dreaming again?

You can. I want to help. It’s easier than you think.

Only click that button if you are ready to let go of overwhelm, perfectionism and procrastination and replace them with joy, ease, curiosity, love and peace

Introducing Begin. Belong. Become

An eCourse by Becky Kemp

3 words. 3 compelling videos. 3 self-discovery worksheets.
Online access whenever and wherever you have the time

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The Begin Belong Become Course focuses on 3 words:


Put on the word BEGIN every morning – just like you put on your clothes – to begin to discover the life you desire


Put on the word BELONG to find and create spaces where you – and the life you desire – belong


Put on the word BECOME to transform your life into the best version of yourself without exhausting your willpower

Hi, I'm Becky!

I want to help you BECOME the best version of yourself

I’m a faith based life coach whose is focus using the Divine power of WORDS to change lives. My life is full of joy – trials too – yet lots of joy. But it wasn’t always that way.



My life used to be dominated by procrastination, perfectionism, and self pity. I lived distracted by anxiety, victimhood, frustration, worry, and discontent in every area of my life.



Negative self-talk and fear-driven chatter dominated my thoughts. These words wee relentlessly told me I wasn’t enough. They said I had to work a harder to stop being anxious and dissatisfied and finally achieve what I wanted.



I cried out to God in my helplessness for answers. As I did, a thought came to me:

"Change Your WORDS"

I realized I was subconsciously “putting on” negative words each day – the same way I put on clothes each morning. 

As I changed the words I put on every morning, it changed everything about my life.  

If you see yourself in my story, please join me inside of Begin. Belong. Become. where you can learn how to put on 3 simple words and discover the best version of yourself

Begin.Belong.Become eCourse

For women of faith who feel pulled to become the best version of themselves
$ 49
  • Focus on just 3 simple words to avoid exhausting your willpower
  • Watch 3 compelling videos that will open your eyes to a new way of changing your life
  • Complete 3 worksheets to discover and create the life you secretly desire
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My Book, "The Word Effect" is now available for purchase!