32: 32. The Grind

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Are you stuck in hustle and overwhelm of life? Are you stuck in “The Grind”? What if I told you that being in “The Grind” is normal and that it just shows we are human beings with brains. If you wait until you want to do things, you might spend most of your life waiting. How to plan ahead of time and get things done comes when we make simple changes to the thoughts we are putting on each day. This allows us to work in “The Grind” and still feel joy.

There are lots of things in life that we might not want to always do but they are just something we do. For example, doing laundry. It is not my favorite task or even a task I really enjoy because it is always there but as I have acknowledged this, asked myself how I want to show up to doing laundry and accepted that it is still a choice I make.

Laundry is a simple example of “The Grind” but I know you can all relate. In this episode I offer three simple ideas that allow you show up and be okay that “The Grind” is a part of our lives and we can show up happy and still be able to accomplish what we desire.

There is power in self care, power in connection and power to not quit and I will share are positive and proactive tips regarding all of these in this episode.

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XO Becky

32: 32. The Grind

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