Create the desires of your heart with Certainty And sisterhood

The Certain Women's Connection Circle for ambitious, God-centered women

You believe God has a certain assignment for you,
but you are stuck in...


Just a few minutes on social media or a recent gather of church women and imposter syndrome kicks in.  There are so many other ambitious God-Centered women who are doing bigger and better things that you are.
Who are you to try and join them?


You have desires and dreams, but are they too much to ask? Is God okay with you desiring such things? You’ve tried stepping forward and have been ignored or overlooked. How you do take the next step with so much uncertainty?

What if you're wrong?


The POP cycle of Perfectionism, Overwhelm and Procrastination that you live in is keeping you stuck. How can you balance your deeply held desires with your other important callings and day-to-day responsibilities?

What if you simply can't manage it all?

What if you could step into creating the desires of your heart with certainty?

Discover how to shine your light

Expand your relationship with yourself and with others as you express your desires to the world & unlock the positive and proactive words that will keep you moving forward

Step into collaboration & connection

Become part of a community of certain women who know they were called to “such a time as this” and are ready to step forward together with power and light

Find joy in who you are becoming

Ditch the POP cycle and allow the passion and purpose on your heart so you wake up every day full of joy because of who you are becoming

You can go from uncertain to curious and from curious to certain

(and you don't have to do it alone)

You don't need more self help books

You need a connection circle filled with ambitious, God-centered women

  • Celebrate, create, and connect with other women (instead of comparing and competing)

  • Learn to listen to your heart instead of just your mind

  • Acknowledge your secret desires and discover how to create them

  • Discover true self-care and fun!

  • Heal from old stories and create new ones

Become certain of your life's current purpose


The Certain Women's Connection Circle

How God-centered women become certain enough to create their secret desires

The Certain Women's Connection Circle's focus is simple




The Certain Women's Connection Circle includes:

Week 1: Call

Week 2: Call

Week 3: Call

Week 4: Call

Week 5: Call

Week 6: Call

Week 7: Retreat

Hi, I'm Becky

You can create your desires
with certainty and sisterhood

I’m excited to invite you to the Living Certain Women Connection Circle where you will learn how to use the divine power of words to link arms with other like-minded women and become CERTAIN about your desire to put goodness into the world.  


Join other CERTAIN WOMEN who are high achievers, ambitious, yet God Centered women who are ready to move forward with a desire that has been on their heart for some time now.


You will set and work on one desire and one habit over the next 7 weeks as you discover The Word Effect, and the creative process of becoming.


 As you put on each word in the word effect, you will discover HOW to create the result you want with your desire. At the end of our 7 weeks, you will have aspired forward with your desire and habit and know the positive and proactive tools to continue to move forward as you create your most beautiful life.


You will also become more certain of your light and step into the Divine power found in words as you continue to create it.

Reserve your spot in the Certain Women's Connection Circle

The Certain Women's Connection Circle

How God-centered women become certain enough to create their secret desires
$ 700
  • Six 60-minute Mastermind/Mentoring calls via Zoom
  • 2 day, 1 night retreat including food, lodging, aspiring experience and swag