55: 55. Power to Appreciate

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It is time to put on the power to Appreciate. This word has so much power! What we appreciate will appreciate! Where you put your focus determines your destiny. As we put on the power word appreciate it keeps our focus on the good and allows it to expand. Let us let go of self criticism and look how far we have come. We are all becoming day by day—so lets become our truest self by appreciating our gifts and abilities and where we are today.

“Appreciation can make a day–even change a life. Your wiliness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” -Margaret Cousins

I invite you to put on appreciation for yourself first and then begin to appreciate others. As you do this you will begin to appreciate each experience in your life despite the outcome. You will begin to express appreciation to others and to yourself and as you do—you life will expand to become the one you always desired! I invite you to try!

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Words Matter—begin to put on words that allow you to create the life you secretly desire too!

XO Becky

55: 55. Power to Appreciate

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