54: 54. Share Your Story

I’ll send you a beautiful (free) word power print and followup by teaching you positive and proactive solutions to create the life you secretly desire.

It is time share your story! I spent so much time hiding my true desires and dreams because I thought I needed to please you! Guess what, the only person I desire to please is God, my Higher Power. It is time to stop being a people pleaser. This episode is me sharing how I discovered how to embrace my story with The Word Effect and how that has given me the courage to design and create the life I have always desired.

I share about how the desire to do The Gathering Retreat came about. I have discovered the power to put on words that matter-and I want to gather women with words & wisdom as we step forward together. In 2022–I want to Put on Joy—through Celebration of being a women, Put on Curiousity through the power of Connection and Put on Love through the power of Creation—and if that sounds like you—I want you to join us.

I invite you to discover how to stop living in a suffering state and begin to live in a beautiful state–and discover and learn the tools that will allow you to do that.

Here is the link with all the details! https://members.becomingwithbecky.com/the-gathering-retreat/

I am offering an $500 discount for the retreat if you book by Nov. 30. Use code “EARLYBIRD” at checkout. If you are ready to create the life you secretly desire without adding more to your to-do list—this is the place for you.

It is time to invest in yourself–your story and become the person you were sent here to be!

XO Becky

54: 54. Share Your Story

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