51: 51. Feel Your Feelings

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Are you fresh out of willpower? I was too until I discovered the simple power found in words. Today, I intentionally choose what words I put on each day and you can too! I choose the words that matter to me that allow me to feel the way I desire and it has made all the difference.

How do you feel today? Ask yourself this question and become aware of how you feel each day. I want to give you permission to change your words. I invite you to practice putting on wonder instead of worry.

As Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “we need an ongoing infusion of heavenly light. We need “times of refreshing” and times of personal restoration.” The power of words can be that very thing. As we put on words that matter, we can become refreshed and restored, day by day.

Life doesn’t go as planned, this is part of the plan yet we get to choose how we feel each day. We will feel sadness and disappointment at times yet we want to make sure that we feel joy and love too.

It starts by becoming aware to your feelings…and to begin to feel them. This episode will take a deeper look on this simple approach to moving forward.

XO Becky

51: 51. Feel Your Feelings

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