5. We’re All In This Together

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We’re all in this together! These words sound nice but have you really put them on in your story? It is much easier for our brains to focus on our differences with each other than to focus on what we as individual human beings have in common. We have the choice of where we put our focus. As human beings we need each other, we need connection, we need support, we need to not feel judged. This makes sense logically but often times it is difficult to keep our focus on ourselves and we tend to want to fix everyone around us.

Join me as I share some incite on how to begin to accept our differences and focus on the good that each one of us has within. We will also explore simple 3 steps for becoming our own emotional boss. You might be a successful boss in many areas of your life but have you ever considered that you have the opportunity to be the BOSS of your emotions. We don’t have control over the circumstances in our life but we can take back control of how we decide to feel each day and it starts with the thoughts we are putting on. Becoming an emotional adult or the boss of our emotions makes showing up for life much better. We stop waiting for others to change and begin to focus on the change we can make. These simple steps are a blue print or designed plan for living a good life. What words will you put on today?

XO Becky

5. We’re All In This Together

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