48: 48. Easy Does It

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What do the words, Easy Does It mean to you? How often do you practice putting them on? Let us always remember to listen to our body instead of our mind. Our mind will keep us frazzled and in the hustle of life where our body will actually tell you what it desires—if you just learn to listen. Let us discover how to be human beings instead of human doers!

When I start to feel overwhelmed, I love to remember to put on the thought, “easy does it”. This simple phrase said over and over again, helps me remember to slow down and allow things to unfold one step at a time. As a faith based life coach, I invite you who feel unworthy and stuck to step forward through the Divine Feminine Power found in words–so that you can create the secret desires on your heart.

We will discuss a few boundaries such as , remember to breathe, laugh out loud, and create your own happiness. These are some of my boundaries and I share them with you and invite you choose to put them on. Easy Does It—my friend. Easy Does It!

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You will be given simple and positive tools to create the life you desire one word at a time!

xo, Becky

XO Becky

48: 48. Easy Does It

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