47: 47. What Are You Reading?

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Okay friends: I posted a podcast and thought it went out live—and see it is still in the draft file—I know it is out of order—but decided that doesn’t matter. Here are some thoughts regarding What are you reading? Enjoy. Xo, Becky

What are the last 5 books you have read? Are you taking a few minutes each day to put on words that matter? As Jim Rohn, renowned businessman and personal development guru said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and that means everyone in your life counts.” The great thing is—you have the power to choose.

You also have the power to choose the words you put on each day and one way to put them on is by what we are reading and listening too.

In this episode I will share 5 reasons that as you put on words that matter through what you are reading and listening too—you will put on words that will change your life!

1. your intellect needs to be stimulated

2. your opinion of yourself might drastically improve

3. you might gain a mentor, or become one.

4. you’ll likely develop healthier habits, and that means looking and feeling better every day

5. you’ll attract someone positive, amazing and conscientious about all of the above

What are you reading? I share some of the books I have been putting on in my life and why they matter with regards to the 5 reasons I just shared above. Here are a few of them

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Maybe Today by David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman

Everything is FigureOutable by Marie Forleo

First Kill all the Marriage Counselors by Laura Doyle

Accomplishing The Impossible by Russell M. Nelson

The Bench by Jen Brewer

Here are a few of my favorites right now! I would love to hear what you are reading too!

Also, to get my free ebook, The One Word Way go to www.becomingwithbecky.com/join. This is short and simple and I will share 3 simple words that you can practice putting on daily that will help you create the life you are secretly desiring.

XO Becky

47: 47. What Are You Reading?

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