41: 41. This Is Not The Plan

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Have you ever found yourself saying “This is not the plan” to yourself–or to others? I know I have many times. That thought is one that causes me to suffer. Life happens and we all have experienced things not going how we desired. This is something we all experience as human beings. We have the life we want to happen and then the life that really does unfold. So how do we create our most beautiful life when things don’t go as planned? I believe we can create the life we desire and it starts with the thoughts and words we put on each day.

In this episode I’ll be talking about how important it is to discover and remember that we have the power to redirect our minds back to the positive. There are 2 states of mind—the Positive (Beautiful) and the Negative (Suffering) and we can only be in one of these states at a time. We have the power to live with more intention in the right state of mind if we choose and it starts with words!

I will share more about the beautiful and suffering state of mind and give you a simple one word way—to try this week. Discover the power in the two words–choose vs. need. So much goodness in this episode! Be sure to check it out. If you are ready to create your most beautiful life—go to becomingwithbecky.com/freecall to schedule a free 30 session with me and I will show you how.

XO Becky

41: 41. This Is Not The Plan

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