41: 41. Change Your Words

I’ll send you a beautiful (free) word power print and followup by teaching you positive and proactive solutions to create the life you secretly desire.

The words you put on matter! If you are not creating the life you have always desired—you have the power within to change it. You can’t change your circumstances but you can change the thoughts you think about those circumstances which will help you feel differently. You and I both have the ability to design the life we want!

It starts by discovering how to change one word at a time and to practice! Most of us forget that as we practice we will still have ups and downs and everything in between because we are human beings. This is the experience we all have in life. How about we try something new this week! Try to put on the idea of HOW instead of Why with the words you put on.

And for you locals—Join my on August 12th at Flowerstone in Riverton, UT for a night of Art & Words. We will be creating with art and words and see the power in both. This is a perfect girls night out or mother/daughter experience where we come together to create and become awakened to the power found in words. Message 801-917-9727 for more details.

Whatever you do—be sure to put on words that matter and give it a try! Life will go by either way—so lets be sure to live a Joyful One!

XO Becky

41: 41. Change Your Words

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