39: 39. Choose Happy

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In this episode we discuss the power in the words “Choose Happy”. I put the power of words in my life as daily reminders to redirect my focus on what is good instead of allowing my brain to show me all the things that aren’t going according to “my plan.”

Choose Happy is a saying we see often but are we putting these words in our life or just walking by them as we focus downward on what isn’t going well? I have discovered simple ways to put these words to work in my life and share them here. When I got a new puppy a few years back—I knew I wanted to “choose happy” despite the good and bad that comes with a puppy. I share my story—and know you have the power to “choose happy” too!

Today let’s practice putting these words on: I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happy.

XO Becky

39: 39. Choose Happy

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