37: 37. Power to Choose

I’ll send you a beautiful (free) word power print and followup by teaching you positive and proactive solutions to create the life you secretly desire.

Today we talk about the Power to Choose! The definition of the words choose is simple: pick out or select as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives. Are you choosing or creating the life you have always wanted or are you just waiting for life to happen. It is time to discover how to redirect our thoughts to allow us to create the desired results we have been secretly desiring.

Discover how to live a joyful life as I share simple stories and tips—to allow you to change your words so you change your life. Go to becomingwithbecky.com/freecall to schedule a 30 min session where I will show you how to become the watcher of your own thoughts. Then you will have the ability and power to choose which ones you want to keep putting on and which ones you can give yourself permission to let go of.

Plus at the end there will be a simple challenge—to replenish your spirit with self care—it is amazing! I can’t wait to share. You and I truly have the power to choose and this reminder helps us redirect our thoughts to those that are becoming.

XO Becky

37: 37. Power to Choose

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