30: 30. I Accept Myself Unconditionally, Right Now

I’ll send you a beautiful (free) word power print and followup by teaching you positive and proactive solutions to create the life you secretly desire.

These power words are ones I suggest we each discover and begin to put on. The Word Effect found in this simple phrase, I accept myself unconditionally, right now is life changing! I know because I have experienced it myself and know you these words will matter to you too…if you are willing to try. When we “put on” or think about thoughts over and over again they become the stories we believe. It is time to examine and question those thoughts that are not serving you and realize you have the power to begin to put on new thoughts, true thoughts.

A phrase that has been life changing in my life is, I accept myself unconditionally, right now. When I heard the simple suggestion to start putting these words in my story by saying them to myself every morning, middle of day and evening, I was a bit skeptical. How can these words matter?

Thank goodness I felt the nudge to do it anyway and began to consistently say these words to myself. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had stopped accepting myself unconditionally–because I had fallen into the negativity bias of life. My mind was always trying to show me what wasn’t going well in life instead of focusing on what was amazing right in front of me.

As we look for the good—we will begin to see the good around us. Even though we are not perfect, you and I are enough just the way was are. This podcast will give you permission to start putting on these words and begin to feel unconditional love for yourself in your journey of life.

XO Becky

30: 30. I Accept Myself Unconditionally, Right Now

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