29: 29. Am I Having Fun?

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When is the last time you asked yourself this question, “Am I having fun?” If the answer is no, let’s discover why not and better yet, decide how to begin to have fun again in our lives. Now this doesn’t mean we just get rid of all responsibility and cares of the world. No, we still have responsibility and must live life on life’s terms, yet are we having joy in our lives too?

I had the opportunity to be a part of a 40 over 40 campaign by @emilypearlphotography. I’m so grateful I took the opportunity and decided to act on the desire of my heart instead of listen to my brain tell me all the reasons I shouldn’t do it. I decided to do it because I just wanted to. It sounded fun!

Or a mentor of mine, Christie Gardiner @christiegardinerofficial who has helped me with my writing, posted about her desire to go back to school and for no other reason than because “I want to” did she take the step to start.

It is empowering to see others chase and pursue their dreams! You too can discover the life you were meant to live by beginning to put The Word Effect in your life. What is on the desire of your heart today? Are you having fun? Be sure to take a few minutes to acknowledge this, begin to ask and accept—and you are on your way to becoming.

XO Becky

29: 29. Am I Having Fun?

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