27: 27. Begin. Belong. Become

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It is time to Begin. Belong. Become and put the Word Effect to work in your own life. The Word Effect is a creative process to move our story forward to one of becoming. Have you ever felt overwhelmed, in the hustle of life or just tired of creating the same result over and over again? I used to feel that way too until I discovered a power within–and it has to do with words.

As we put on words that matter we not only begin to move our story forward but we feel more like we belong and in turn we become. It is a beautiful circular motion forward. The power of just one word can up level us, our story and who we are striving to become. The Word Effect can happen with any words you choose to put on but the 7 power words recently shared are a creative process you can experience over and over again.

Over the last 8 episodes–we have taken a closer look at 7 power words. If you are just joining us—be sure to go back and begin from episode 19. The Word Effect so you can better understand how powerful words are. This creative process of becoming continues in episode 20–Acknowledge (power word 1), episode 21–Ask (power word 2), episode 22–Acceptance (power word 3) episode 23–Abundance (power word 4) episode 24–Action (power word 5), episode 25–Appreciate (power word 6) and episode 26–Aspire (power word 7)

You are creating your own results in life due to the thoughts you put on. Are you ready to create something better? I was too and that is how I discovered The Word Effect in my own life. If you are ready—let’s continue to put on words that matter and create the life we have always desired.

XO Becky

27: 27. Begin. Belong. Become

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