26: 26. Aspire–Power Word #7

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The definition to aspire is “to direct ones hopes or ambitions towards achieving something”. This is why “Aspire” is the last power word in The Word Effect. We have the power within to redirect our brain towards greatness. The simple way to do it is with the words we choose to put on. We are living our story as it unfolds and want to remember that is all about progress instead of perfection. Where is your focus today? Let the power of words redirect your thoughts towards ones that create the results you desire.

If you are ready to change your story and create the life you want—take simple effort and practice putting on words that serve you. Discover The Word Effect in your life. In this episode we will discuss ladder thoughts and ideas for taking small and simple steps to move your story forward.

XO Becky

26: 26. Aspire–Power Word #7

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