25: 25. Appreciate–Power Word # 6

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How we choose to spend our time makes all the difference and today I talk about the power word: Appreciate. One circumstance that we all have in common is the amount of time in a day, a week, or a year. This is the same for all of us. What makes some of us get things done and some not? I believe it has to do with the thoughts we put on. Most of us don’t live our days deliberately, we live unconsciously and let the day slip away without using anything to manage our time.

Do you intentionally and deliberately choose how you spend your time? I want to suggest that this simple awareness of The Word Effect and how to put on the word appreciate–can change your story just as it has mine. We can change our story in 15 min increments. It is in the little things that matter. It is time to stop living in perfectionism, procrastination and self-pity. When we take action from this place, we don’t end up taking any action at all, we just think about doing it. It is time to do instead of think and the way to do this is with the thoughts you choose to put on each day. In the book, “Promptings” Kody Bateman, founder of Send Out Cards, says “Until you consistently do something everyday to trigger the positives in your life, you will only be learning, not doing.”

As you consider how you use your time, here are a few quick exercises you can try. First, write down how you spent your last 24 hours. Having an awareness of how you have been spending your time will give you an indication of how you think about time.

Second, begin to answer these questions. Take some time and write out your answers instead of just keeping the thoughts in your head. When you ask yourself questions and require your brain to answer—amazing things happen.

Do you believe you have enough time? Why or why not?

What takes up your time and why?

What do you believe your time is for?

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It is time for you to discover how to ditch willpower and create the life you have always wanted–with word power! It is time to discover The Word Effect.

XO Becky

25: 25. Appreciate–Power Word # 6

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