20: 20. Acknowledge–Power Word #1

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Acknowledge is the first power word in The Word Effect cycle. The Word Effect is the creative process to move our story forward and it has allowed me to create the life I have always desired. I spent a lot of my life asking “why” and found myself in the negativity bias cycle that had me always focused on what was wrong in life.

The definition of acknowledge is: “To accept or admit the existence or truth of.”

What are you ready to acknowledge?

As Craig Manning said in his book, The Fearless Mind: “acknowledging the fear- (problem, issue, desire, etc) of something can help us begin to believe different thoughts, which can give us courage to change how we approach every issue.”

When I became sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over again—and I began to acknowledge this my life began to change. The Word Effect began! The power of words has given me the courage to do something different and it all started with the words I choose to put on. The power of words doesn’t just change our story over night. When we become consistent in our efforts by practicing to put on new thoughts, we have the power within to change our story despite the circumstances around us.

As I continually acknowledge my fears, my problems, my issues and even my desires—I am able to keep moving forward with The Word Effect.

If you are ready to step forward with your story, this podcast is for you.

Words Matter. You can create the life you want with the power of words.

Let’s try on the word Acknowledge.

XO Becky

20: 20. Acknowledge–Power Word #1

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