2. The Power of Words

I’ll send you a beautiful (free) word power print and followup by teaching you positive and proactive solutions to create the life you secretly desire.

In this episode you are going to learn the basics of HOW to put the power of words in your life. The power to change our story is within each one of us and it starts with our thoughts. Everything that has been created has started with a thought. What thoughts are you putting on each day? They are creating the life you live. If you don’t like your story—I give you permission to take off some thoughts and begin to put on new ones that will allow you to feel differently. We can’t change our circumstances but we can change what we think about the circumstances. The power of words will change us from the inside out. What words do you put on everyday? From the minute you wake up until the time you go to bed—your mind is offering you thoughts. These thoughts are optional. You have the ability to believe and keep those thoughts on or decide to take them off and put on new ones. You have the power to change your story with the power of words.

How are you going to live into the life you have always desired? Let’s begin by becoming aware of our thoughts. What words will you put on today?

XO Becky

2. The Power of Words

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