14: The Creative Process of Becoming

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As human beings we have the desire to evolve and become better. In this episode we will discuss the creative process of becoming. You have the opportunity to put on words that allow you to step forward to who you want to become. The Word Effect allows us to ditch willpower and discover how-to put-on word power.

The power of words has shown me how to take responsibility for myself and see that the power to change my story is within me. You can change your story with the words you choose to put on. A belief is a thought we have put on over and over again and forget to even question it. The great thing about this is that the power to change our thoughts is within each one of us.

A baby learning to walk falls down and just gets up and tries again. If the baby looks to her past, she would never walk because she has no evidence of walking before. The baby is always future focused and that is what allows her to keep moving forward. She isn’t thinking I can’t do this; she is focused on that she can. We all started out with future focus thinking too. Today we are doing things that we never knew how to do such as walking, talking, etc. There came a time in our lives that we started to look to our past for evidence and became more past focused. I share a story on this episode of a friend who decided to stop dreaming because she would only look to her past and it showed her that she hadn’t accomplished any of the things she desired so she decided to stop trying! When we look to our past, we don’t see evidence that we have done the things we desire to do or be and many of us stop trying, just as my friend did.

It is time to discover how to dream again and live our lives with future focus! When we put on words that drive the creative process of becoming, we will experience The Word Effect which has us looking forward not backwards. It allows us to step forward from stories that were stuck in perfectionism, self-pity and procrastination to ones of becoming and being the person we secretly desired to be. We don’t have to do more to become we just have to put on thoughts that better serve us.

It is time to “see the world differently” as one of my favorite books, “What Do You Do with an Idea” by Kobi Yamada states. I love this book so much that I share the entire book in this episode. The words are powerful and true! I invite you to see the world differently too and it starts with the words you decide to put on.

Words Matter. You can create the life you want with the power of words.

What words will you put on today?

XO Becky

14: The Creative Process of Becoming

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