11. Becoming A Believer

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Happy 2021! What do you believe in? I invite you to join me and become a believer in the power of words! The words we put on each day matters. As Mother Teresa says, “to keep a lamp burning, we must have to put oil in it.” The words we put on each day is like the oil we need to keep our own lamps burning bright. There is so much unsettled chaos in the world and none of it we have control of.

There is one thing we have control of and that is our thoughts. The thoughts we put on each day! What we choose to think determines how we feel. How we feel drives our actions (the things we do and don’t do. These actions are what creates the results in our lives. I invite you to become a believer in the power of words and see how words can change your life too.

We have the power within us to decide what thoughts we put on each day. Join me as we continue to discover The Word Effect in our own lives. I’m looking for people who are ready to transform their beliefs and become open to this simple idea. You one of them? I hope you continue to believe and become your best self. It is time to ditch willpower and discover how to put on word power!

XO Becky

11. Becoming A Believer

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