1. Time To Celebrate-The Word Effect

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It is time to ditch will power and discover how to put on Word Power. The Word Effect is a power that we each have within us. We have the power to create the life we have always wanted and it starts with changing our thoughts. What thoughts do you put on each day? Do you even think about the words you are putting in your life? I didn’t think about the words either until one day I became sick and tired of living in a life I felt I had no control of. I was waiting for my circumstances to change and thought that would bring me happiness. I have discovered that despite the circumstances around us—we can still create the life we want. I am so excited to share this with you! TO celebrate today (my 45th birthday) it was time for me to launch this podcast. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today! Today is the day. What are you ready to create?

It is time to put the power of words in your life too. Join me at becomingwithbecky.com and sign up for a FREE digital download of these words, “Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have”. Get the FREE download and put these words in your life. Also check out @becomingwithbecky on FB or IG–to get quick tips, ideas and simple reminders to put the power of words to work in your story!

XO Becky

1. Time To Celebrate-The Word Effect

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